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FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
December 3, 2012

Cats Rescued in Superstorm Sandy Land at Sacramento Airport
Family loss prompts cross-country effort to help seven cats
find new homes just in time for the holidays.

Sacramento, CA - An extraordinary long distance animal rescue effort will take place Wednesday, December 5, 2012, when cats orphaned by Superstorm Sandy arrive at the Sacramento International Airport to begin a new life. The seven felines will be welcomed by volunteers from FieldHaven Feline Rescue, RedRover and the volunteer foster families who will care for the animals until permanent homes are found. This exceptional effort was launched after FieldHaven co-founder and New Jersey native Joy Smith's family member died in Superstorm Sandy - leaving two cats homeless and lost in the devastation.

"We knew we wanted to rescue the two orphaned cats, but we also knew that there were countless pets left stranded in the wake of Sandy - putting an enormous strain on all shelters in the Northeast region," said Joy Smith, co-founder of FieldHaven Feline Center. "FieldHaven serves as an emergency shelter in Placer County when needed so we knew from experience how overwhelming the sudden influx of traumatized animals can be for the rescuers. We had to find a way to help, so we reached out to the rescue folks in the trenches to identify seven cats we could fly to California to start a new life."
This heartwarming effort is made possible by a network of rescue organizations working together to save these special cats. S.A.V.E. volunteers waded through the devastation to locate and rescue countless pets in the aftermath of the storm. Sacramento based RedRover - an organization dedicated to helping animals in crisis - made an emergency grant to cover air transport costs. St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ - a leader in the effort to rescue animals in New Jersey - donated seven airline approved cat carriers. And FieldHaven Feline Rescue - a Lincoln, CA rescue organization - is organizing staff and foster families to care for these furry refugees until they are adopted in a loving home.

What: Seven cats left homeless in the wake of Superstorm Sandy arrive at Sacramento International Airport. Cats: Amy, Buttons, Cuddles, Hanna, Sammi, Smokey, Blackie
When: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - American Airlines Flight 1827 scheduled arrival 7:50 PM

Where: American Airlines ticket counter at Sacramento International Airport - Terminal B

Additional Background: Just days after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore, FieldHaven co-founder and New Jersey native Joy Smith was notified that a relative was among the casualties. As an experienced animal rescuer, Joy immediately hit the phones to try and locate the relative's two cats. Three days and about 100 calls later, Joy found the cats in the care of emergency foster volunteers. They had been rescued by the rescue organization Shore Area Volunteer Enterprise (S.A.V.E.) in Toms River, NJ. After hearing the heartbreaking reality of what was happening on the ground in the devastated areas, Joy realized that FieldHaven could make a real difference by taking not only Smokey and Blackie (the relative's cats) - but 5 additional felines.

  • American Airlines personnel delivering rescue cats arriving at Sacramento Intl Airport
  • FieldHaven Co-Founder Joy Smith and volunteer foster families greeting the lucky cats
Interview Opportunities:
  • FieldHaven Feline Rescue Co-Founder Joy Smith
  • Karen Brown RedRover Program Director (provided transportation funding)
  • Foster families as they meet their new charges
FieldHaven Feline Rescue - Lincoln, CA
Joy Smith, Co-Founder (916) 434-6122

S.A.V.E. (Shore Area Volunteer Enterprise) - Toms River, NJ
Michele Verga (732) 664-1050

RedRover - Sacramento, CA
Karen Brown, Program Director (916) 429-2457 Ext. 303

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
November 26, 2012

Superstorm Sandy Cats Headed for New Life in Lincoln
Family loss prompts cross-country effort to help seven cats
find new homes just in time for the holidays.

WHAT: Lincoln, California - FieldHaven will be transporting (date TBA) seven orphaned cats rescued by volunteers at S.A.V.E. in Toms River, New Jersey in the wake of Superstorm Sandy - two orphaned as a result of the storm and and five others to help ease the strain on their already full shelter.

The transport date previously scheduled for Wednesday, November 28, 2012, has been postponed due to California's own "superstorm" that is scheduled to hit the Sacramento area that day. The risk of flight delays (or cancellations) prompted us to reschedule. The last thing these storm-trodden felines needed is to weather another storm! Check back soon and we'll let you know when the new arrival date is!

The seven cats will be flown to Sacramento then on to foster care at FieldHaven Feline Rescue in Lincoln. This extraordinary long distance rescue is made possible by a network of rescue organizations working together to save these special cats:

  • S.A.V.E. in Toms River, NJ - rescued many furry refugees from Hurricane Sandy. Seven kitties from their shelter/foster homes will be transported to FieldHaven;
  • RedRover - an organization dedicated to helping animals in crisis made an emergency grant to cover air transport costs;
  • St. Huberts Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ - a leader in the effort to rescue animals following Superstorm Sandy, donated seven airline approved cat carriers;
  • FieldHaven staff and foster families who will care for these furry refugees until they are ready to headline FieldHaven's participation in the Helen Woodward Animal Center/Iams Home For The Holidays adoption effort.
BACKGROUND: Just days after Superstorm Sandy devastated the Jersey Shore, FieldHaven co-founder and New Jersey native Joy Smith was notified that a distant relative was among the casualties. As an experienced rescuer Joy immediately hit the phones to try and locate the relative's 2 cats that she knew were now homeless. Three days and about 100 calls later Joy found the cats in the care of emergency foster volunteers. They had been rescued by a small rescue organization - Shore Area Volunteer Enterprise (S.A.V.E.) in Toms River, NJ. After hearing the heartbreaking reality of what was happening on the ground in the devastated areas, Joy realized that FieldHaven could make a real difference by taking not only Smokey and Blackie (the relative's cats) - but 5 more besides.

"We knew the sheer numbers of animals was putting an enormous strain on all the shelters in the region and we sympathized with the small rescues who were just overwhelmed. Like many shelters, S.A.V.E. was already at capacity when the storm hit. We had to find a way to help. So we worked with animal rescue partners to identify and bring seven lucky kitties to California for a new life."

CATS: Winnie, Tippie, Smokey, Blackie, Buttons, Reggie, Dallas

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
July 1, 2010

FieldHaven Explodes Adoption Fees for Month of July

There's been a Kitten Explosion at FieldHaven Feline Rescue just in time for the Fourth of July! Firecracker markdowns offers special adoption fees of $85 for 1 fun-loving kitten or $150 brings home double the fun!!

FieldHaven expects the warm weather to bring lots of adorable kittens in need of homes, and July 2010 looks to be an explosive month for both kittens and adult cats. With record intakes from Lincoln and the surrounding areas, there is a sparkling assortment to be seen at both Lincoln Petsmart and Rocklin Petco.

Come to the FieldHaven shelter at 2754 Ironwood Lane - Lincoln, CA 95648 to see our stunning adults. They're available to you for the super-hot price of $50 for one or $80 for a pair. And our fireworks price of just $25 for our beautiful black cats. You can also check out our site at to meet the new love of your life on-line and to fill out and adoption application. We're tearing down our old shelter soon to make way for the new and want to place all the kitties we can in the month of July.

Each adoptable cat or kitten has received FieldHaven's comprehensive care package before being presented for adoption including, spay/neuter, immunizations, blood-testing and microchipping making these adoption fees an incredible bargain!

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
October 27, 2009

FieldHaven Volunteers Join a Chain Gang and Stop Smoking

Halloween is the season for ghosts, goblins and chain dragging ghouls. In keeping with that spirit, volunteers at Lincoln's FieldHaven Feline Rescue have pledged to drag a chain of their own.

Several of the long time smokers in the group have pledged to quit smoking and donate some of the money they hope to save to help raise money for FieldHaven's New Shelter Fund.

County officials notified FieldHaven, a no-kill shelter established in 2003, of the need to replace its aging shelter building last year and the group has been hard at work raising money ever since. Located on a private horse ranch in rural Lincoln, the rescue organization shelters adult cats, operates a network of foster homes for young kittens and provides free and low cost spay/neuter services to the communities of Lincoln, Newcastle, Sheridan and Wheatland.

Beginning this Sunday, November 1, the "Chain Gang" as they have affectionately dubbed themselves, will quit smoking and are asking the public to sponsor their efforts by pledging $10 per month toward the new facility. A "kick the habit" kick-off event will take place at Kim's Country Kitchen at 537 G Street in Lincoln at 8 am, Sunday, November 1. The Chain Gang invites the public to join them.

"We are so proud of all of our volunteers, but this idea is a very personal one for each of the participants. Quitting smoking takes dedication and support and that's what has always set FieldHaven volunteers apart. We know they will succeed and all of their friends and family have pledged to do everything we can to support them, including matching donations" said Joy Smith, President of FieldHaven.

FieldHaven has added a page on their website where messages of support and encouragement can be posted by the public. "They could really use the cheers of this wonderful community to help them stay this difficult course" added Smith. "Lincoln has a long history of neighbors helping neighbors and we know that they will be there again".

Penny Dougherty, FieldHaven Foster Coordinator and mastermind of the innovative fundraising idea said "With a prayer, determination and the support of our families & FieldHaven, NOT 1 MORE PUFF!"

To sponsor a member of the chain gang, post encouraging messages, track their progress or learn more about FieldHaven and its remarkable group of volunteers, visit Contributions are tax deductible and will go exclusively to help build the shelter facility.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
July 1, 2009

FieldHaven Feline Rescue Announces 1st Annual Classics, Cats & Cabernet

LINCOLN, CA - July 1, 2009 - Foodies, wine enthusiasts and classic car and boat lovers alike will come together for great cause at the First Annual Classics, Cats and Cabernet benefit on Saturday, August 29, at the scenic FieldHaven Ranch in rural Lincoln. All event proceeds will benefit FieldHaven Feline Rescue, a nonprofit organization that provides critical care, food and shelter to homeless cats and kittens as they await adoption.

The festivities will include cabernet samplings, gourmet food tastings, breathtaking classic cars and boats, live music, and conclude with a live auction emceed by the always entertaining Greg Patton. All proceeds from this event will go toward replacing the existing building that is currently serving as a shelter for the cats within the next year. The current structure does not meet the basic requirements of a shelter for many reasons, and most critically, a shelter occupancy permit will not be granted until the structure is replaced. FieldHaven has engaged the experts from the Koret Shelter Medicine Program at UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine to help design a building that will meet their needs as economically as possible and, quite possibly, will be a model for similar shelters to emulate.

"Live music, amazing classic cars and wooden boats, delicious food and wine, an impressive array of auction items, beautiful cats and horses will attract a diverse and compassionate group. We are excited and thankful to our past and continued contributors to be able to hold this benefit, and we are honored to raise funds for this critical need," says Joy Smith, FieldHaven President and Co-Founder. Joy continues, "By creating a place where these cats can be cared for so that they can be adopted, we have preserved the lives of countless incredible cats and kittens." Tickets are $35.00 per person, and can be purchased here.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
March 1, 2009

Hill's Science Diet Renews Sponsorship of FieldHaven

For the fifth year Hill's, the manufacturers of Science Diet® and Prescription Diet®, has pledged their support of FieldHaven Feline Rescue through their Shelter Nutrition Partnership.

Through this generous sponsorship, Hill's provides food for all the cats in FieldHaven's care. Hill's support staff is available to FieldHaven staff and volunteers to discuss individualized feeding programs for the cats at the shelter and in foster homes.

In addition, anyone adopting a cat or kitten through FieldHaven receives a bag of food to take home with their new family member as well as coupons towards purchase of additional food. "We are grateful to Hill's for their generous support of FieldHaven. The Shelter Nutrition Partnership provides a significant contribution towards FieldHaven's operation each year.", said Marty Sutton-Garner, VP of FieldHaven's Board of Directors. "Not only does this allow us to feed a very high quality, consistent diet but we have the valuable resource of Hill's nutrition experts to assist us in providing the best nutrition possible", she added.

Hill's Pet Nutrition, Inc. manufactures Science Diet® brand pet foods, sold through veterinarians and finer pet specialty food stores, and Prescription Diet® therapeutic pet foods, available only through veterinarians. Founded more than 50 years ago by one veterinarian's unique commitment to pet nutrition and well being, Hill's follows its mission to help enrich and lengthen the special relationships between people and their pets by roducing the most scientifically advanced, highest quality pet foods available. For more information go to

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
Jan. 22, 2009

Adopt a 4-Pawed Graduate of UC Davis

Meet Felicity, Charm, Gina, Francesca, Vanity and 10 other beautiful young female cats. These girls aren't just beautiful, they are smart. Each one has a diploma stating they are a graduate of the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine Class of January 2009.

Recently, FieldHaven and UC Davis partnered together in the School of Veterinary Medicine's surgical teaching program for the 2010 graduating class of veterinarians. FieldHaven selected ideal candidates for the program; young, healthy female cats - and smart ones, too. The cats spent several days at UC Davis' luxury guest quarters where they received a complete medical workup and spay surgery in the state-of-the-art surgery center. They received VIP treatment from the best teaching veterinarians and the most talented class of future veterinarians.

FieldHaven is grateful to UC Davis for presenting us with this opportunity. We are proud to offer these university graduates for adoption. If you are interested in finding out more about the smart girls you can contact FieldHaven by calling 916-434-6022, emailing or visiting

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

News Release
For Immediate Release
Jan. 7, 2009

Give Your Valentine the Gift of LifeGift of Sponsorship

Lincoln's FieldHaven Feline Rescue has launched a new fundraising campaign to help raise funds to care for special needs felines that have found sanctuary at the shelter in rural Lincoln. The Sponsorship Program will help provide funds for cats like Darby who has a spinal defect that require ongoing medical care and has little to no chance for finding an adoptive home. FieldHaven staff and volunteers care for Darby and other cats and kittens, many of which are adoptable.

The Sponsor Program encourages donors to contribute a monthly donation of $10 or more. Sponsors will receive regular updates and photos of their sponsor cat. It is a perfect way to help a feline without adopting. The Sponsor Program can also be given as a gift for the hard-to-buy-for cat lover in your life.

"For just a few dollars a month you can truly make a difference in an animal's life." Says Joy Smith, President of the rescue operation. "As a gift, a sponsorship literally gives the gift of life to your loved one this Valentine's Day."

More information on the Sponsor Program can be found here.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide sanctuary to homeless cats and kittens while in transition to permanent homes and to educate the community on responsible pet ownership.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

Sept. 17, 2008
Print flyer
FieldHaven to Host Fundraiser for Hutchinson Family and Placer Firefighters

LINCOLN, CA SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: FieldHaven, Lincoln′s Feline Adoption and Rescue center, today announced that its October 11th fundraiser would be abandoned in favor of a BBQ to benefit the Helen and Harley Hutchinson Relief Fund and Placer Firefighters.

Originally scheduled as a kick-off event for FieldHaven's own effort to raise funds to replace their existing shelter facility, the event will now benefit the Hutchinson family who suffered a total loss to their home of 40+ years during the fire that swept through Lincoln on Labor Day.

"Helen Hutchinson's effort on behalf of feral cats in this community was the inspiration for my sister Jann and me to start FieldHaven five years ago" says Joy Smith, President of the cat rescue operation.

Smith cites "Helen's love for the animals in her care and the need to address the feral cat problem in Lincoln" as the two main reasons she and her sister, Jann Flanagan took up the enormous challenge. "FieldHaven started because Helen saw a problem and asked for help. Now the organization she and others like her inspired hopes to bring a community together to help her."

The so-called "Gladdding Fire" cut a criss-cross path through much of rural Lincoln on September 1, 2008. Two homes and several outbuildings on the Hutchinson property were completely destroyed leaving the long-time Lincoln residents with nothing. Without insurance, the Hutchinsons face a tough time ahead.

During the Labor Day blaze, FieldHaven itself nearly shared the fate of the Hutchinson home. Fire reached to within 100 yards of the Smith's property where the shelter is located. Smith stated, "If not for the incredible professionalism and heroism of Placer County firefighters, Lincoln volunteer firefighters and all the First Responders involved that day, FieldHaven might have suffered a similar disaster."

FieldHaven volunteers have lined up in response to Joy's call for help, donating personal items and household goods to outfit the temporary motor home the Hutchinsons will call home for now.

"FieldHaven is blessed with an army of volunteers who never fail to heed the call when a cat - or a neighbor - needs help. We weren't sure how the idea of setting aside our own fundraising needs at this critical time would be received. But the overwhelming response we got from our volunteers has been proof that Field Haven has found its place as part of this community and we are very proud of that" said Smith.

The Hutchinson Hoedown & Felines for Firefighters BBQ will be held October 11, 2008, 4:30 - 7:30 PM at 2754 Ironwood Lane in Lincoln. Tickets are available at the door $20 - all proceeds will benefit equally the Helen and Harley Hutchinson Relief Fund and Placer Fire. RSVPs are encouraged.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

August 27, 2008
FieldHaven Feline Rescue Opens Satellite Adoption Center at PetSmart

If you've ever heard of FieldHaven Feline Rescue, then I'm sure that you have met us either at our shelter in rural Lincoln, Farmer's Market on Thursday night or by chance on a weekend while shopping for your pet at the Lincoln PetSmart located at 920 Groveland Lane. Previously, FieldHaven has only been utilizing the Adoption Center provided by PetSmart and PetSmart Charities two days a month since their grand opening in Spring 2007. We are now pleased and proud to announce our official fulltime partnership to begin on September 1, 2008.

Joy Smith, president and co-founder says: "We look forward to being close to downtown in a convenient location for showcasing our adoptable cats and kittens." Along with adoptions, volunteers are able to answer questions and give guidance on current pet conundrums, spay/neuter assistance or when to consider to make a furry addition to your family. Cats and kittens will be featured at the store daily and volunteers will be on sight for adoptions on the weekends or in the evening during the week by appointment. Everyone is welcome to meet all of our adoptable cats on-line at . The shelter at FieldHaven will continue to be open for adoptions as well.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is a not-for-profit organization whose purpose is to provide sanctuary to homeless cats and kittens while in transition to permanent homes and educate the community on responsible pet ownership.


Gimme Shelter

FieldHaven needs new trailer for its feline rescue and adoption operations
By Cheri March The News Messenger

They've found homes for thousands of cats, but now the volunteers at FieldHaven are finding themselves in unfamiliar territory.

They need a new home of their own.

Placer County is requiring that the feline rescue and adoption center replace its current cat shelter, a garden-surrounded trailer on FieldHaven's rural Ironwood Lane property.

FieldHaven executive director Joy Smith, at work inside FieldHaven′s cat shelter, explains the nonprofit′s need for a new facility.

"We got a little letter from the county that said we're out of code," said executive director Joy Smith.

Though it appears in tip-top shape, the renovated early 1970s-model trailer doesn't meet modern standards for wiring or other code requirements needed to obtain an occupancy permit.

"It′s not that the trailer can′t be on the property," Smith said. "It′s just that it can′t be permitted for a nonprofit. We could have livestock like hogs in here, but we can't have the cats."

Retrofitting a new trailer or even building one from scratch would be less costly than bringing the current facility up to speed, she said, but is still a monumental task for a nonprofit that doesn't receive public funds.

To meet the challenge, FieldHaven has kicked off the Susan Gardiner Memorial Fundraising Campaign with the goal of gathering $150,000 by the end of 2008.

Gardiner, a faithful FieldHaven volunteer, died this summer, leaving behind four of her own beloved cats at the shelter.

So far, approximately $4,000 has been raised.

"That's good, but we still have a long way to go," said volunteer Wendy Lemons. "We've kind of slipped into crisis mode. Without this, there won't be a FieldHaven."

Losing the nonprofit could have a marked effect on the area it serves, namely Lincoln, but also Sheridan, Wheatland and Newcastle.

Records show that FieldHaven adopts out approximately 300 cats per year. In total, 2,120 total cats have been assisted when the group's spay and neuter assistance program is taken into account.

"Placer County Animal Service is taking in fewer cats because of us," Smith said in reference to the county-confirmed data.

Even as Lincoln's population climbs, the county's cat intake has consistently declined - taking in 44 percent less cats last year than in 2004. Also last year, it was estimated that 80 animals were diverted from county animal services, thanks to the group.

Because the county limits the number of animals kept at one time, the new facility will retain a small capacity, possibly increasing from roughly 700 to 1,200 square feet, Smith said.

But the new digs will incorporate many more open-air facilities - similar to the shelter's screened-porch adult cat habitat - as well as several small gathering areas for prospective owners to meet and greet kitties.

Though there will be the requisite quarantine enclosures, the shelter will maintain FieldHaven's current cage-free atmosphere, in which cats of all sizes lounge, roam and play amid a small forest of carpeted cat trees.

A children's educational program is also in the works, Smith said.

The new shelter will be constructed next door to the old trailer, which will later be removed and the site used as open space.

Along with the trailer, cats are housed in foster homes by some of FieldHaven's 130 volunteers - including Lemons, who said she's cared for hundreds of cats and kittens over the years.

"Field Haven has done such a great job, and we have such an awesome group of women and men, it would be a shame (to close)," she said.

An official campaign launch event has been set for Oct. 18 at FieldHaven, though specifics haven't yet been determined. In addition to cash, FieldHaven also accepts time or skills, Lemons said.

Editor's note: see our New Shelter page

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

April 2, 2007
Bookstore owner honored for supporting animal welfare groups

Lincoln-based FieldHaven Feline Rescue's Board Member Sharon Kurth presented a first-ever Business Sponsor Certificate of Appreciation and Recognition Plaque to The Almost Perfect Bookstore owner, Kelley Ulmer, her employees and their customers. Kelley and her customers have been donating books to benefit local animal welfare organizations since the used bookstore opened its doors some fifteen years ago.

Present at the award was Lynn Willingham of Penryn who received used books from Kelley since the store opened its doors, raising over $340,000 for local animal charities. Lynn hosted frequent barn and book sales which ended in 2006 when she went into retirement from on-site sales at her home. More recently, Lynn continues to pick up about a thousand used books a day from Kelley and distributes them to local animal welfare agencies that hold sales themselves, to animal welfare thrift stores for resale, or to independent buyers whose purchases go directly to the animal welfare organizations. FieldHaven has been one of the organizations involved with used books for resale, earning $3,866 during 2006.

After 15 years in the same Roseville location, The Almost Perfect Bookstore managed to fit the inventory of 340,000 books into 2,400 square feet. Because browsing for titles was a challenge for her customers, Kelley moved the store into a new space four times bigger than its old one. Since March 1st , The Almost Perfect Bookstore now occupies the former site of Naturewood Furniture Store in the Raley's shopping center, (at 1901 Douglas Blvd., Roseville); the new location is only a short walk from where it started.

FieldHaven President, Joy Smith appreciates the support of both Lynn and Kelley. "We depend on them as resources for used books that makes our Annual Barn and Book Sale (held each September) so successful. We will call on both of them to help and they won't let us down."

Joy went on to say, "With so many non-profits dependent upon contributions and fundraising as major sources of funding, it is South Placer County's good fortune to have Lynn and Kelley helping to support animal welfare programs."

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

November 24, 2006
See That Kitty in the Window - Online!

Holiday shoppers look forward each year to seeing the lively window display of adoptable cats and kittens from FieldHaven Feline Rescue at Il Giardino in historic downtown Lincoln. They will be back in the window starting today but with an added facet; a live Kitty Cam will allow feline lovers from anywhere share in the fun by logging onto FieldHaven's website and view a live action webcam of the window.

The Kitty Window display is part of FieldHaven's holiday adoption event in conjunction with the Iams Home 4 the Holidays campaign sponsored by Helen Woodward Animal Center and The Iams Company. More than 2,100 pet adoption centers plan to participate in Iams Home 4 the Holidays 2006, an event organized to raise awareness of the joys of owning shelter-adopted pets.

"The holiday adoption campaign has been successful in past years in placing cats and kittens in homes and we're hoping the addition of the webcam will spread the word even more." said Joy Smith, President and Co-founder of FieldHaven. "The more we can get the word out that shelter pets make the best 4-legged family members the more lives we can save".

The window display at 577 G St (Highway 65) in Lincoln will continue through December 24th although the Home 4 the Holidays campaign runs until the end of December. FieldHaven will also have other venues for adoptions during the holiday season. All events will be listed on the online calendar at

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is a tax-exempt non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide sanctuary to homeless cats and kittens while in transition to permanent homes and educate the community on responsible pet ownership. The shelter is located at 2754 Ironwood Drive in Lincoln. More information can be obtained by calling 916-434-6022 or visiting

2754 Ironwood Lane Lincoln, CA 95648 916-434-6022
FieldHaven Feline Rescue

November 1, 2006
Prevent Teenage Pregnancy - Spay and Neuter Your Cats

Many people don't realize a 6 month old "teenage" female cat can get pregnant. That means kittens born earlier this year can be having their own kittens by the end of the year. Most of those kittens are unwanted and will go without homes. FieldHaven Feline Rescue and PetSmart Charities are partnering in a campaign to encourage pet owners to spay and neuter their cats to help prevent the spread of homeless cats and kittens.

With SNAP (Spay Neuter Assistance Program) FieldHaven is providing financial assistance to residents of Lincoln and several nearby communities to have their cats spayed and neutered. FieldHaven is focusing on stray and feral cats that are homeless that are being cared for by citizens but will also provide assistance to low income families for their personal cats. The Lincoln-based feline rescue organization will assist with transportation, equipment for trapping and recovering feral cats and guidance on how to address the problem of unfixed neighborhood cats.

SNAP is funded in part by a grant of $10,000 from PetSmart Charities. Benefits of the program include spaying, neutering and vaccination. Residents of Lincoln, Newcastle, Sheridan and Wheatland qualify for the use of SNAP funds. Animal Spay and Neuter in Auburn will be performing the surgeries. FieldHaven can be reached at 916-434-6022 and Animal Spay and Neuter is at 530-889-8800.

"FieldHaven Feline Rescue's spay/neuter program is a great example of taking the initiative to improve the local community," said Susana Della Maddalena, Executive Director of PetSmart Charities. "Targeted programs like these are the key to successful, low-cost spay/neuter in local communities. Cumulatively, they are making a huge impact on pet overpopulations nationwide."

2754 Ironwood Lane Lincoln, CA 95648 916-434-6022

Zoo is cats' meow

A colony of felines befriended by a local man soon will have a new home.

By Blair Anthony Robertson -- Bee Staff Writer
Published 2:15 am PDT Monday, April 24, 2006
Story appeared in Metro section, Page B1

In weeks ahead, when visitors to the Folsom City Zoo Sanctuary marvel at a colony of feral cats stretching and yawning and doing what cats do, they will be witnessing the legacy of a Citrus Heights man who lived among the cats - and loved them like family - until his dying days.

Max is one of the feral cats that lived in Robert Bauder's home before his death last summer.

Robert Bauder scraped his way through the Great Depression, survived a couple of heart attacks, buried two wives and suffered through three bouts of cancer, the last of which killed him nearly a year ago at 84. When his cancer of the esophagus got so bad that he was unable to eat, it was Bauder's cats - semi-wild and elusive felines holed up in and around his home - that gave him comfort. They had been constant, quirky companions for decades.

What would become of them when he was gone? The answer came too late for Bauder. But his cats will live on, thanks to an unlikely friendship and an even unlikelier zoo exhibit.

Construction is expected to start shortly on the Folsom zoo's feral cat exhibit and be completed in two months, according to spokeswoman Roberta Ratcliff. Officials are not aware of any similar zoo exhibit in the United States.

The zoo will be home to a dozen of Bauder's cats, and the exhibit is expected to be popular once it opens, likely by summer. Last year, the zoo housed cats from the local animal shelter, and officials were surprised by how many zoogoers it attracted. "It's odd, but they would spend maybe 20 to 30 minutes just looking at cats," said Ratliff.

Bauder's family donated $15,000 from his estate toward the project, which will feature a cat house, a tunnel and an enclosed garden. The zoo is trying to raise $5,000 more for long-term maintenance and other expenses.

Bauder was a throwback of a man. Notoriously frugal, he was known to rummage through other people's garbage in the middle of the night, looking for things he could use. He almost always wore a plaid shirt and his pants usually were hiked up with clip-on suspenders.

His 1,600-square-foot house, which was built in the 1950s on 4 acres, became home to the first feral cats when a spring on the garage door broke and Bauder never got around to fixing it.

"That became a big cat house," said Bauder's stepson, Jeff Sinclair.

The cats would crawl and hide wherever they could. Many followed the ductwork into the attic, which became a safe - and occasionally precarious - place to bear kittens. Some of the cats would fall from the attic and become trapped in the walls on the ground floor. That explains Bauder's makeshift renovations - he punched holes in the walls in practically every room so the cats could escape.

Bauder may have loved the cats and cared for them, but by modern standards he was going about it all wrong. "Dad always enjoyed it, and the cats were just always around, but I was annoyed, to be honest, because I thought he should have taken them in to be fixed," said Bauder's daughter, Janiece Greenberg, of Westford, Mass. "He fed them, and in his mind he was doing the right thing."

The solution these days for feral cat colonies is humane trapping, followed by spaying and neutering the cats, then returning them to the colony to live out their lives. In Bauder's case, the population was often out of control, and many cats became sick and injured, though they all were given names and, when the time came, a proper burial on the property.

Bauder grew concerned about the fate of the cats once he realized he was dying. In 2002, he contacted a cat rescue group to help him.

Lisa James - then a volunteer for Folsom Feline Rescue, she now volunteers for Fluff Buddies - showed up at the house and began trapping the cats. That first day, she pulled three litters of kittens out from under the house, making them available for adoption.

The more she returned, the better she got to know Bauder, an enthusiastic cook who usually invited her inside for a meal. The two spent hours talking, and Bauder would describe many of his adventures and memories of decades past. "He was so appreciative. He would always feed me," said James. "I think he felt bad that it was so out of control, because he loved the cats."

Bauder's frugal nature was evident at every turn. The dining room had become a storage pantry for all the cans he collected and the bargains he bought through the years. Restaurant leftovers went into a napkin he stuffed into his shirt pocket, to be unfurled later for the cats. "He used to tell me that a bargain was something you don't need at a price you can't pass up," James said.

Bauder's property was ideal for a feral cat colony, with 2 acres completely fenced, a large barn, shed, dog run, chicken coop, camp trailer and all kinds of other buildings that provided suitable shelter for people-shy cats, James said.

Feral cats rarely will allow humans to get close, because they had no such contact in their formative days. But Bauder was around his cats long enough that they wouldn't scatter when he was nearby. Some even allowed him to pet them.

James remembers one incident when Bauder donned a tuxedo to attend his niece's wedding. "He stepped out on the porch and all the cats scattered, because they didn't recognize him" she said.

Inspired by Bauder's kindness and his love for his cats, James approached the Folsom zoo with the idea of a feral cat exhibit. She waited so long for an answer that she nearly gave up. Finally, just days after Bauder died, the zoo told James it wanted to build the exhibit.

"It seems the cats changed both their lives," said Ratliff. "The cats are the ones that are being saved, but I think it enriched Robert's and Lisa's lives as well."

"I think it's wonderful what the zoo is doing," said Greenberg. "Let's face it: He created a problem, but he dealt with it in a way that doesn't surprise me. He just really loved those cats, and he worried about them."

Robert BauderOn the day of Bauder's memorial service, James pulled the last kittens from his property, which was recently sold. The kittens were put up for adoption. The 12 shy and semi-wild cats that will become zoo attractions are living at an undisclosed location until the exhibit opens.

FieldHaven Note:

Lisa James has reported to FieldHaven this additional information regarding the Folsom Zoo's soon-to-be kitty residents:

"There is a nice variety of kitties that will live at the exhibit. Five torties named Penny, Princess Tara, Francesca, Kira, and Audrey; four black named Ebony, Ivan, Wendell, and Gretchen; two Siamese mixes named Max and Jade; and one tuxedo named Hannah. They range in (estimated) age from four to eight. Four have damage to their corneas and two have damaged ears, typical injuries for feral cats. All the kitties have been tested for FELV/FIV, had a general health exam (four needed dental work), been given their vaccinations and flea treatment, and been microchipped."

If anyone would like to donate to this most worthwhile project, checks can be made to:

Friends of the Folsom Zoo - Feral Cat Exhibit
P.O. Box 704
Folsom, CA, 95763

Your donations are tax deductible.

FieldHaven Feline Rescue

June 23, 2006
Local Animal Rescue Groups Will Be Well Fed

The Iams Company of Dayton, OH announced today the award of 5 tons of cat and dog food to Lincoln-based FieldHaven Feline Rescue, a non-profit cat adoption, education and rescue organization. The donation will arrive at FieldHaven's shelter on Friday, June 30, 2006. The media and the public are invited to this event at 2754 Ironwood Lane, Lincoln.

The "Food for Furry Friends" award was given to FieldHaven for their participation in the annual Iams Home 4 the Holidays adoption campaign that takes place each December to promote pet adoptions. Nearly 2000 shelter participated in the 2005 campaign nationwide; FieldHaven was one of only 5 that received this award. Winners are chosen based on how they executed the campaign including number of adoptions, community involvement and publicity.

FieldHaven is sharing the donation with a number of Placer County rescues, shelters as well as organizations that provide meals to seniors and homeless so that food can be provided for their pets. Organizations receiving some of the donations include Auburn Area Animal Rescue Foundation, Meals on Wheels, Placer County Animal Services, Loaves and Fishes, Friends of Placer County Animal Services, Katmom and Placer County SPCA.

"Home 4 the Holidays is an important adoption campaign that resulted in over 325,000 adoptions in an 8 week period in 2005" says, Kris Parlett, Associate Manager of External Relations at The Iams Company. "We are proud to support each and every organization that participates and commend FieldHaven for their extraordinary efforts."

"This is like Christmas in July for us and the animals" said Joy Smith, President of FieldHaven Feline Rescue. "We're honored to have received this award and thrilled to share the bounty with our colleagues who work so hard to save animals' lives."

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is a tax-exempt non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide sanctuary to homeless cats and kittens while in transition to permanent homes and educate the community on responsible pet ownership. The shelter is located at 2754 Ironwood Drive in Lincoln. More information can be obtained by calling 916-434-6022 or visiting For more information on the Iams Home 4 the Holidays adoption campaign go to

See our Home for the Holidays interview on Sacramento and Company

Sacramento and Co. Home Page
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with high speed internet.  Click only once.

2754 Ironwood Lane Lincoln, CA 95648 916-434-6022
Proctor & Gamble
News Release
The Iams Company
7250 Poe Avenue
Dayton, OH 45414



The Cause Marketing Forum Has Announced Iams Home 4 the Holidays
as Recipient of a Gold Halo Award

DAYTON, Ohio, June 14, 2006 - The Cause Marketing Forum awarded Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet adoption campaign the Gold Halo Award for an outstanding cause marketing campaign at a ceremony in New York City Tuesday. Iams Home 4 the Holidays began in 1999 when Helen Woodward Animal Center organized 14 animal shelters finding homes for more than 2,500 orphaned pets, and after seven campaigns, has grown to 1,941 shelters that have found homes for more than one million orphaned pets.

The Gold Halo Award recognizes programs that provide needed resources for nonprofit partners, move consumers to act out of a desire to do good, and enrich lives of all it touches. Iams Home 4 the Holidays delivers all of the above by providing several resources for participating shelters, asking consumers to consider the adoption option, and finding homes for more than a million orphaned pets.

"We are honored to receive the Gold Halo Award from the Cause Marketing Forum", said Mike Arms, President of Helen Woodward Animal Center. "We are very proud to partner with The Iams Company for Iams Home 4 the Holidays, and this award will help raise even more awareness for orphaned pets around the world."

Individuals interested in learning more about Iams Home 4 the Holidays can visit or call Iams Consumer Care at 1-800-863-4267.

About The Iams Company
For nearly 60 years, The Iams Company has enhanced the well-being of dogs and cats by providing world-class quality foods and pet care products. To learn more about Eukanuba® and Iams® Dog & Cat Foods, the Eukanuba Veterinary Diets™ line of canine and feline prescription diets or general pet care and nutrition information, call the Iams Consumer Care Center at (800) 863-4267 or visit


It's kittens for Christmas

Wednesday, November 23, 2005 10:56 AM PST
By: Richard Myers, The News Messenger

FieldHaven Feline Rescue is trying to bring a little bit of Christmas cheer, normally found in San Francisco, to downtown Lincoln.

For the second year in a row, the Lincoln cat and kitten adoption agency is showcasing some felines in the storefront window of Il Giardino, a home-decorating store located at 577 G St.

"The idea came from the San Francisco SPCA," said Joy Smith, president of FieldHaven. "They have a big display in Macy's front window. They have elaborate sets. Last year, they had miniature train cars."

"It's a huge hit," Smith added. "People stand five deep just to look at the pets in the window."

FieldHaven's window display also has proven to be quite popular. Last year, the organization set as a goal to have 40 kittens and cats adopted. It ended up finding permanent homes for 52.

Joy Smith and Kittens
FieldHaven Feline Rescue president Joy Smith plays with kittens in the window of downtown's Il Giardino, where felines will be available for adoption through Dec. 23.
Photo by Karina Williams/The News Messenger.

This year, the goal is to find homes for 75 felines. While that might seem to be am ambitious goal, Smith noted FieldHaven is well on its way to attaining it.

"We did 11 last week," she said Nov. 17. "And that was just our first week."

The program will continue at Il Giardino through Dec. 23.

"We got involved with FieldHaven because of Albert," said Il Giardino owner Mary Calderon, referring to her cat, who is 14 years old. "Everybody knows Albert. In fact, people just come into the store to see Albert. They don't even come in to shop."

Calderon said she knows many people who have adopted cats and kittens, so it seemed natural to get involved with FieldHaven.

While Smith said the goal is to find homes for 75 felines this holiday season, she said the organization actually has 90 looking for homes. FieldHaven's ranch is at capacity with 50 cats and kittens. The rest are housed in temporary foster homes with volunteers.

FieldHaven hates to turn away any unwanted or stray cats, but there is only so much space. In fact, it has a waiting list for people to bring cats to the shelter.

Sometimes, it's hard to turn people away, Smith admitted. She recalled receiving an e-mail recently from someone who had to get rid of her cat because her mother-in-law was moving in and she was allergic to cats.

"She said if we couldn't take her cat, she might have to put him to sleep," Smith said.

Rather than see that happen, Smith said FieldHaven tries to work with the cat owners and help them find homes for their pets. She said the shelter offers to put the cat's picture and small biography on the shelter's Web site. The shelter also accepts strays.

The shelter also provides the cat owners with literature to see if they can find the cat a good home themselves.

Often, when Smith calls back to tell them FieldHaven can take the cat, she said they find out the owners already have found the pet a home.

In addition to seeking homes for cats and kittens, FieldHaven is accepting donations at Il Giardino. Food, equipment, cat carriers and cages, along with monetary donations, are gladly accepted.

FieldHaven also could use more volunteers. Smith said they need volunteers for a variety of duties, including driving cats back and forth to the spay and neuter clinic.

FieldHaven's holiday adoption is part of the national Home 4 the Holidays Adoption campaign sponsored by the Helen Woodward Animal Center and the Iams Company. More than 2,000 pet adoption centers nationwide plan to participate in the event this holiday season.

Last year's FieldHaven promotion involved the city of Lincoln and surrounding communities in a series of events to celebrate sending homeless animals to living homes, Smith said. The success of the 2004 campaign earned FieldHaven the "Excellence in Execution" award, given only to those shelters that meet the high standards of the selection committee.

Local sponsors of FieldHaven's holiday program include Gladding, McBean; Ross Hay Ranch; Honolulu Trading Company; Del Webb/Pulte Homes; B and J Auto Body; and American Chiller Service.

FieldHaven is a tax-exempt non-profit organization whose purpose is to provide sanctuary to homeless cats and kittens while in transition to permanent homes and educate the community on responsible pet ownership, Smith said.

The adoptions costs $95, which includes 30-day health insurance, spaying or neutering, micro-chipping, vaccinations and a holiday gift basket that includes treats and a feeding dish.

For more information about FieldHaven, including its holiday adoption program, call (916) 434-6022, or visit the Web site

November 14, 2005

For more information:
Joy Smith



Educating our community on responsible pet ownership while providing safe haven for cats and kittens in transition to new lives in permanent homes.
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Kittens for Christmas

Holiday shoppers in historic downtown Lincoln will find the best entertainment in town in the window display at Il Giardino, a home decorating store at 577 G Street. 2005 marks the second year FieldHaven Feline Rescue has provided the festive holiday window by showcasing adoptable cats and kittens in a Christmas scene built just for the adventuresome felines. The display starts this week and continues until Christmas Eve.

The holiday season event is part of the Home 4 the Holidays Adoption campaign sponsored by Helen Woodward Animal Center and The Iams Company. More than 2,000 pet adoption centers plan to participate in Iams Home 4 the Holidays 2005, an event organized to raise awareness of the joys of owning shelter-adopted pets. Organizers hope to link more than 350,000 dogs, cats, puppies, kittens, and other companion pets with loving, adoptive families.

Last year FieldHaven Feline Rescue placed 52 cats and kittens during Home 4 the Holidays, involving the community of Lincoln and nearby towns in a series of events to celebrate sending homeless animals to loving homes. The success of the 2004 campaign earned FieldHaven the esteemed "Excellence in Execution" award, given only to those shelters that meet the high standards of the selection committee.

"Our goal this year is to place 75 cats and kittens throughout the campaign" said FieldHaven Feline Rescue President Joy Smith, "and thanks to our local sponsors we are certain we will meet or exceed that goal." Local sponsors of the event include Gladding-McBean, Ross Hay Ranch, Honolulu Trading Company, Del Webb/Pulte, B and J Auto Body and American Chiller Service.

All pets adopted during Home 4 the Holidays will go home with a gift basket full of useful items to help Kitty settle into his/her new home.

Additional events for the campaign include outreach adoptions at PetSmart and local crafts fairs, a Pet Photo with Santa fundraiser, a raffle to win items donated by local merchants and artists and gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble. Check the calendar at for up to date information on these and other events.

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