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Walmart & Rudy

Walmart and Rudy

Walmart and Rudy

Letter from their new family:  Walmart and Rudy were adopted in August 2012 from your Barn Cat group. The are so sweet, not fearfully feral but prefer their barn and keeping it mouse free at night from their "barn condo". They are with us during the day here at the house. Come running when called, we can pet them and cuddle with them. They are precious and get along well with my Lab and she loves them. So happy they are part of our family.



Nellie - not so feral

Nellie - not so feral

After Nellie was dumped at a feral cat park in Roseville, the caregivers realized quickly that she really wasn't quite feral. She would cry and follow people to the parking lot as if to say "take me home!" So she came to FieldHaven and tried hard to become a "house" cat, but it just wasn't what she wanted either.

Now Nellie has the best of both worlds - she keeps the grounds surrounding her new mom's gardens and vineyards free of pesky moles and other unwelcome critters and enjoys hanging out with the humans in their outdoor entertainment area with her fellow Rodent Rangers (and FieldHaven alumni), Smokey and Ruby.



More Excellent Rodent Rangers


Mr. O.G.

Mr. O.G. at night

Mr. O.G. came to FieldHaven after being found as a stray in the country. He was very shy and really preferred the company of other cats to humans. The hope was that with time, he would become more social, but after 9 months it was clear he would rather go back to the country. So he was put on the Rodent Ranger program and adopted by Jamie.

He went to Jamie's ranch with a wonderful barn where he could resume his country living in safety with another resident cat. Still very shy and hiding during the day, this photo was captured by a motion detection camera in his new barn. But as you can see, he's living the great life of a Rodent Ranger. He has plenty of food, water, and a warm bed by day and on "rodent patrol" by night.

Briggs, Tijuana & Venice

These three feral kitties were part of a colony rescue and because they were the most timid of the bunch, it was determined that a barn home would suit them best because they are too stressed to adapt to becoming pets. They are living outside in a large enclosure, so that they can live the life they want, but safely.



Ivan taking his job seriously

Ivan takes his job of a Rodent Ranger at The Hunt Box B&B in Reno, NV very seriously. Liz, the proprietor of The Hunt Box appreciates Ivan's role in keeping the property free of nasty critters that most guests at the B&B would not appreciate.


Baxter likes dogs

Baxter is one of the Rodent Rangers at the Red Rock Hounds kennel feed room. In addition to keeping hungry critters out of the dog food he enjoys socializing with some of the over 100 hounds.

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