Rodent Ranger Program

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do barn cats come from?
Most barn cats are strays that have been abandoned, unadoptable cats scheduled to be euthanized at a shelter, or feral cats that need to be relocated from a TNR project due to dangerous conditions where they are living.

Why do I have to feed them, can't they just live on rodents?
We ask you provide food in case you don't have a sufficient rodent population to sustain them. This also helps ensure they "stick around" and makes for a better "mouser". Generally, cats chasing solely for food only mouse when they're hungry; whereas cats that are fed, mouse more often as "entertainment".

What is "Imprinting"?
Relocating an outside cat requires some commitment. Confining them for 3-4 weeks in a barn, shed, garage, cage, etc. where you will be feeding them, allows them to get acclimated to the new location and learn where to find food, water, and shelter once they are released.

How much does a barn cat cost?
Our Purrfectly Priceless adoption fees apply to our outside barn cats.

What kind of shelter do I need to provide?
Any place where the cat is protected from the weather, provides a safe escape from predators, and keeps food dry, such as a barn, shed, out building, under a deck, crawl space etc.

What is considered a predator?
Any animal that preys on and could harm a cat, such as a coyote or dog.

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