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Julien (formerly Ripley)

We recently adopted Ripley, who was trapped in a home for a few weeks when his caregiver unexpectedly passed away. We now call him Julien.

The people who rescued him at FieldHaven cared for him for a couple months while he received needed medical attention on his foot. He's gained 5 pounds since he was rescued and he's an absolute love with few kitty-social graces.

Julien is a young adult, so we were surprised when he was diagnosed with a Grade III heart murmur. So far, he doesn't require any medications but we had a moment of trepidation when we were told. But we feel we are well equipped to care for him since we have had experience with our now "furr-angels" Tanny and Kieran who also had heart issues.

Our friend Justine, who helps the kitties at FieldHaven, thought Julien would be a great addition to our home, and she was absolutely right. He's so talkative, and loves pressing his face into our cheeks for kisses and face rubs. He's always demanding love and invites Jim and I to play when he's not playing with D'artagnan and Soleil. He plays with every toy, even the ones his brother and sister aren't interested in. He especially loves playing catch and doing flips when toys are tossed in the air.

Our two other furr-babies love him dearly and are teaching him the finesse of being a kitty-god. D'artagnan is teaching him the finer points of wrestling so his big sis, Soleil, doesn't hiss so much when they play. Soleil is teaching him to run gracefully when they play, so he doesn't hit the walls when charging through the house. D'artagnan also lets Julien practice grooming him and is very tolerant when Julien licks his fur backwards.

During the day, he sleeps propped-up on one of us or in his bed, and at night, he loves to sleep between us. At night, he also loves to charge across the bed with his big sis, Soleil.

We'd like to thank Jen Paul (cat-whisperer extraordinaire) for answering questions when we first visited Fieldhaven, and for discussing our concerns and re-assuring us before we adopted Julien.

Julien adds that extra sparkle to our days and nights, and we look forward to spending many wonderful years with our new furr-baby and family member. For our up and coming kitty-god, we thank you.


Dawn & Jim W

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