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Hello Everyone!

I just wanted to let you know that I had a very good Christmas. Am
attaching a picture. I decided that I like sitting in from of the
fire, although Sasha and Pippin, who live with me are scared of it.
Every morning, my new cat parents sit here, and I sit on one of their laps. I keep changing laps because I cannot decide which one is better!

For Christmas, I had my very own Christmas stocking! There was a catnip bag inside! At first, I was worried that there was only one, and Pippin was sitting on top of it, so I had to whack him over the head really hard to get him to move. But Mom showed me that there were 3 bags, one for each of us, so then I was happy. (I am really glad, because Pippin wasn't moving, and I didn't want to really hurt him, because he is very fun to play with.) There was also this weird wind up thing that they kept telling me was a bird, and it hopped around. But doesn't smell like a bird. I knocked it over, just in case.

My love to everyone at Fieldhaven! Hope you don't mind, but I don't think I am coming back!

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