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Tiger Lilly, Dinah & Alice (formerly Dream & Selma)

I recently received a call checking on the welfare of two kittens we adopted on March 20th, 2014. I thought pictures would speak louder than words on the phone so I have included a couple of the kittens, now named Dinah and Alice.

Our adult kitty Tiger Lily, also a Fieldhaven graduate from November of 2007, was apprehensive at first. We kept them separated and introduced them slowly, with Tiger Lily doing some hissing and hiding, and the kittens wanting nothing more than to be near her side constantly. As you can see by the picture I attached, there is much peace and love between Tiger Lily and Dinah and Alice now.

Tiger Lily likes to play with them and will groom them when she is in the mood. Dinah is especially grateful for this, as she seems to be the kitten who needs love and attention the most. Alice is a little more independent, but is usually the first to come running for pets when I bring the kids home from school. My son and daughter, ages 9 and 6, absolutely love the kittens more than anything. I think Dinah and Alice's paws did not touch the ground much the first week they were here!

Now, Alice and Dinah spend their days lounging in their bed in the sun, playing with the mountains of toys they have, or exploring the many fun places we have for hide and seek indoors. They are perfect litter box users. We could not be happier with them...they are much loved.

Thanks again, Fieldhaven employees and volunteers for all the work you do.

Cate, Steve, Angus, and Waverly
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