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Scooter (formerly Scottie)

Hi Ho, Fellow Kitties and Fieldhaven Volunteers!

Scottie here, checking in from my brand new forever home! My new mom (Lynn) left her computer on, and I sneaked on here to let everybody know how I'm doing. Mom's not bad for a human, but I really haven't made up my mind yet. She gives pretty good body rubs and keeps a bag of my FAVORITE Chicken flavored Temptation Treats real close. Then there's that awesome 6' ribbon she drags around on the floor. If only she wouldn't try to tempt me onto her lap with the treats. Lap? Really? Me? (shudder)

The BEST part about my new home is my new older brother Salem. (He's a fieldhaven alumn too & one of the Belinda hoarder kitties.) He's black like me and he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES to play Midnight Speed Racer as much as I do!!! Slick floors means 0 to Mach One gives us lots of slipping and sliding and crashing into TONS of cool stuff. Don't know why Mom closes her door. Her room has the best stuff to knock over! You'd think she'd really love us tearing across the bed in full wrestle mode at 2am. It's soooooooooooo fun. No figuring out humans, I guess.

Oh, she changed my name to Scooter cause she's not smart enough to remember Scottie. She kept having to think about it too much. (Shaking head.) It's ok, though. I know who she means.
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