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TAO (UPDATE 6/29/12)

I hope you won’t be disappointed, but we now call him Alex. He just never seemed to respond to us when we called him Tao. Wanting to keep his initials, TAO, we tried other “T” names such as Teddy and still no response. Then one day I thought I would try “A” names for his middle initial and I called, “Hey Alex?” And to my surprise he looked up. Thinking perhaps it was just a coincidence, I waited a while and tried again and he looked at me again. Since then he appears to always respond to Alex and even Alexander. When he is napping late under the guest bed I will walk in and say “Alexander, do you think it is about time to get up and get some dinner?”, and then I leave the room. A few minutes later he comes walking out to the kitchen! Therefore, his official name is T. Alexander Oberdank or TAO.

Alex is still having the time of his life!! He continues to be a delight to Terry and me and a wonderful companion for Jessie.

Alex is slowly warming up to us. He became comfortable each morning with joining Jessie on the large cat condo in my office and getting petted there. Soon that led to brushings after petting. Now it has become a regular routine to get morning brushing, petting, and kisses!

He is still shy of other people, the caretakers only see a glimpse of his behind as he retreats under the guest bed!

Take Care,


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