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Mocha Man (In Loving Memory)

Mocha was one of FieldHaven’s sponsored kitties. He was pulled from Sacramento County by Julie, a volunteer, in March 2011 as a senior that was on the euthanasia list. Julie, like so many of us, couldn’t bear to see such a dignified old guy spend his last days in a steel shelter cage so she brought him to us. He was quite a cranky dude and getting him to stay still for his routine leukemia test was no easy feat. Sadly it revealed that he was leukemia positive.

Because I have an extra bedroom that I can use to foster I took him home. I was able to keep him separate from my cats with a solid kitty door. He couldn’t climb over it and my cats knew not to jump over it so he was involved in our day to day activities.

He loved to go on supervised walks around the property taking nice little nips of green grass as he walked. His last day was spend doing exactly that at the shelter. Jen, the shelter manager, and several volunteers made sure he had a nice day enjoying the sun.

He ended up living with FieldHaven for over a year. I was so blessed to have shared so many wonderful days with him. That boy could surely PURR!

Rest In Peace Sweet Mocha Man,

Scout (foster mom)

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