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Gater (Barn Cat)

Gater has been at the shelter for over a year. She didn't seem to want much human interaction at the shelter, so she was approved to participate in our Barn Cat Rodent Raider program. Since these cats will be allowed outdoors, they need to be "imprinted" in cages for several weeks until they learn where their food, water, and shelter is.

Here's what her new mom says about her:

The kids are really enjoying Gater...she is very, very affectionate and always looking for attention and scratches from everyone! The kids were a little guarded in the beginning given the description of Gater, but she is not at all fussy, nippy or aloof. She's actually set up in her cage right in the middle of our living room. We got home after dark yesterday and we couldn't put her outside. My husband is very enamored with her!

She and Princess (dog) are getting along so well...Princess is stretched out sleeping right outside Gater's cage. Gater doesn't seem intimidated by her at all. They sniffed at each other and shared Gater's favorite treats.

Thank you for all your help.

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