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Bella (formerly Elena)


My husband drove two hours to a pet store in Lincoln, CA two days before Christmas to meet with your team to find a kitten for our family as a surprise for our kids. I want to thank the two women who stayed there to meet with him at 8 o'clock at night and help find the right pet for us.

We adopted a five-month old kitten and named her Bella. (I can't remember what name she had originally...) So far, it's been a fantastic success.

Adopting a slightly older 'kitten' turned out to be ideal for us. This particular female had been fostered by someone who had both young kids and dogs at home -- just like our home. So she has blended in wonderfully.

We got a basset hound puppy at the same time and the cat and the puppy are like brother and sister. They love to play chase, roll around together and even try to eat and drink together. She happily lets the puppy lick her face while she's lying down. It's so fun to watch them together. And she's been incredibly patient with our two young kids who love to pick her up and hold her.

This was a MUCH better experience than we had with the local organization here in Tahoe called The Pet Network. They were suspicious of us the entire time and would never give us a straight answer. We honestly felt as though they treated us like criminals and we were practically begging to adopt a cat from them. But not your group. You were so excited to hear from us and work with us to find a good match.

So thank you for making all four of the people in my house -- and two dogs -- very happy with our new cat.

Happy new year,
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