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Cat Information Survey
This form can be completed for a number of situations:

1) Rehome your cat/kitten using FieldHaven's website/ Courtesy List and/or to bring your cat to one of our adoption venues for adoption. NOTE: your cat/kitten must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccines, etc.

2) Request consideration of your cat  for intake into FieldHaven

3) Request assistance or referral for a a stray cat/kitten you are trying to find placement for.

4) Behavior assistance is needed to help resolve an issue you are having with your cat so that it may stay in your home.  

Please indicate below which option you are interested in.

If the cat is a rescue just complete as much as you can on this survey.  We understand that you may not know all your rescue's personality traits.

FieldHaven's capacity for bringing cats into our shelter is driven by adoptions;  when 1 cat gets adopted that makes room for 1 needy cat to come to FieldHaven.  We receive multiple requests each day to take cats in.  We truly wish we could have room for every cat but we do not so we evaluate and triage each request to come up with an action plan.  We will work with you to explore solutions other than surrendering your cat to a shelter if that is possible.  We are very creative!    

CIS (Cat Information Survey) Category
    Courtesy List
   Apply for Owner Surrender to FieldHaven
   Stray that I am looking to rehome
   Rescue Assistance
   Behavior Assistance  
If you want to surrender your cat/kitten to FieldHaven are you able to provide financial assistance?

    Yes   No   
Your Information
Full Name:
Zip Code:
Please explain why you are rehoming this cat?
If you could find a solution would you be willing to keep your cat?  
    Yes   No   N/A-this cat is a rescue that I'm trying to find a home for  
Cat Information and Medical History
How long have you owned your cat?
Cat's Name

For multiple cats list information on all of them in the spaces below
Description (breed, color, etc)
Date of Birth (or approximate age)
    Male   Female  
Is your cat spayed or neutered?
    Yes   No   Not Sure  
Is your cat up-to-date on the FVRCP and/or Rabies Vaccines?:
    FVRCP (combo vaccine)   Rabies  
Has your cat had a FeLV/FIV test done?
    No   Yes  
Is your cat microchipped?
    No   Yes   Not sure  
Is your cat declawed?
    Not declawed   Front declawed   All 4 declawed  
Please provide any information you can about your cat's medical history.
Do you have copies of current veterinary records?
    No   Yes  
Current Vet/Clinic and Phone Number
Personality Traits

(complete only what you know if this cat is a rescue you are looking for help with)
How would you describe your cat's personality? (Check all that apply)
   Feral/Semi Feral
   Very Active
   Couch potato
   Friendly to Family
   Shy to Family
   Overtimulates easily
   May nip/scratch if overstimulated
   Lap Cat
   Friendly to Visitors
   Fearful to Visitors
   Gets along with kids
   Gets along with other cats
   Gets along with dogs
   Not kid friendly
   Not cat friendly
   Not dog friendly  
Please provide any additional information you can about your cat's personality.
Where does your cat primarily live?  (check all that apply)
    Indoors only
   Outdoors only
   Indoors at night
   Garage or basement
   Indoors with access to outside
   In barn or shed
Comments on your cat's living environment
How would you describe the ideal home for your cat?
Please tell us some things you truly love about this cat!
Are there any quirks or habits you are not fond of in your cat?
Does your cat have any litterbox issues?
If yes, please describe
Description and Biography
Please give us your best description of this cat.  What is his/her "story"?    What type of disposition does s/he have?  Any information your can provide to assist us with helping you and the cat.
Do you want your cat to be placed on the waiting list to come into FieldHaven's shelter should space become available?
    Yes   No   Maybe  
Thank You!    We look forward to helping you

We receive multiple requests each day so it may take us several days to review your information.  We will evaluate your Cat Information Survey and contact  you soon.

Any medical records or other documentation can be faxed to 916-644-6415 or mailed. Please send any digital photos to

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