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Rodent Ranger Survey
Are you looking for a skilled rodent raider for your ranch, barn, garden, shop or warehouse?  Or, do you just want an outdoor companion cat?  FieldHaven is sure to have a match for you.
Contact Information:
Zip Code
How long have you lived at your current address?
Are you looking for a cat that is good with children?  If you have have kids tell us a little about how you would like your cat(s) to interact?
In general, what type of cat(s) are you looking for?  Our Rodent Rangers have 3 basic job descriptions:

Barn Pal -– these cats want to hang out with you while you’re doing your chores and, if you take a break, they might even jump on your lap to get some extra bonding time.   They’ll do their job in between helping with the barn chores.

Lone Ranger – the shy type that think you might not be all bad but they’re just not quite sure.  They will keep a safe distance but once in awhile you might have the honor to be allowed a pat on the head or gentle pet.  They are pretty serious about their work.

Raging Bull - you might catch of glimpse of these kids when you go out to late night barn check.  During the day you may spot them snoozing high up in the hay barn during the day.  But, oh yes, they are out there doing their jobs!

    Barn Pal   Lone Ranger   Raging Bull  
To properly imprint outdoor cats you will need to keep them contained in a secure enclosure (cage, barn, shed, etc.) initially for 3-4 weeks before releasing them?  Describe where you'd be able to keep them for imprinting.  We can loan you cages if you need them.
Have you had cats for rodent control in the past?  
    No   Yes  
How many cats are you looking for?

Do you have dogs?  If so, please list their breed and age.  Do you know if they are cat friendly?
About Your Location:
How would you describe the traffic around your location?
    Light   Moderate   Heavy  
Please list any predators such as coyotes, dogs, etc. that have access to your property.
What type of shelter can you provide to protect your Rodent Rangers from weather and predators? (please describe)
Thank you for your interest in adopting a Rodent Ranger from FieldHaven. We will get back to you soon!  

If you have further questions please call 916-434-6022 or email
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